Running bed and breakfast means being on call 24/7. You will have to work long hours and be available to your guests any time of the day or night. Many people think that it’s easy to run bed and breakfast but the truth is it involves more work that most people think.

There are many things that can keep you busy in the bed and breakfast business. Marketing is one of those things. Aggressive marketing can bring in countless people through your doors. These days you have to put more effort into internet marketing as the World Wide Web is the new yellow pages where people find what they are looking for. Find ways to improve your visibility on the net.

Running bed and breakfast also needs good PR. It is what makes customers return. Happy and well-entertained guests will also tell friends, and business associates about your B & B. People who check into bed and breakfasts look for a cozy ambiance that hotels can’t offer. Give them what they want like personalized service and home cooked meals.

There is nothing worse than a dirty toilet and stained sheets. It is of utmost importance that your dining area, kitchen, toilets, and rooms are sanitary. If you have a garden, hire a groundskeeper. Sanitation is a very important part of running bed and breakfast.

Determine if you want to accept pets or not. Pets can add work for cleaning staff. Set a check-in and check-out time. Organize reservation and payment schedules. Charging for late checkout or canceled booking depends on the season and the size of your operations. Smaller establishments don’t usually charge for those, especially for return customers.

Running bed and breakfast in a tourist town would mean you will have competition. Check what others are offering to their guests and find out what you can provide for your customers that others don’t have. Maybe you could serve better breakfasts or provide suggestions on what and where to go while in town.

There are more factors involved that can make running bed and breakfast more efficient. Do your homework and read about the bed and breakfast industry. You can find a lot of information on the internet. Try to find someone in the same business who can give you advice about running bed and breakfast profitably.

Try to learn more about the industry. The more you know about running bed and breakfast, the more chances you have of success and making your inn profitable. Familiarize yourself with how to market and promote an inn. Learn how to manage the business, employees, and earnings. Take a refresher cooking course to learn more innovative breakfast dishes. Study how to do your accounting.

Some inns fail because some managers or bed and breakfast owners open an inn without knowing how to run an inn, some don’t even do proper accounting. Others rely on word of mouth and don’t bother to advertise and do marketing. Funnel your capital into marketing, even before you open yours for business. This will ensure that customers will come. Running bed and breakfast can be profitable if you know which areas need more attention. Do more research about the ins and outs of the B & B business.


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